Day 2- Archtype Assignment & Chris Jordan


cataloguer- identifies and categorizes perceptions and sensations; aspect of being human; cultivate their ability to tabulate and organize

engineer- people who manage the environment; 5 principles: to originate, plan, design, orchestrate, and construct (according to Leonardo)

worshipper- align nature’s attributes with miracles; prefer mystery; adore

consumer- consumerism characterizes contemporary market economies; utilize

A typical day in my shoes usually consists of waking up, brushing my teeth, showering, eating, going to class, working, watching some tv, then back to sleep.  I found it sort of difficult assigning an archtype to some of these activities, but my conclusions are that eating may fall in with consumerism since you purchase the food that you are eating, watching tv may fall in with worshipper because they sort of prefer mystery (such as in watching a television series and excitedly awaiting for the next episode to air) and adore things (things that may be seen on tv), then finally working/doing homework might possibly go with cataloguer because I know I personally stay organized and on top of things when both working and doing homework, and that seems to be what cataloguers are good at. 

I find myself to be most aligned with the cataloguer archtype because they are sort of the organizers/namers.  The book gave an example on page 58 of a waterfall that said the cataloguers would be the ones to name the waterfall and it’s tributaries, and I find myself right along with that.  I love to be the identifier/organizer; it’s mysterious and exciting for me.  At the same time though, I also consider myself to be a worshipper…the one who would be gazing upon the waterfall.

Instances in life where I find nature to be:

Various- it has various process from weather change to maintaining a lifestyle for plants, animals, and people

Useful- nature is useful to us in our everyday lives; it provides our way of living

Awesome- I personally find season changes to be awesome…such as leaves falling from the trees in the fall, or snow falling in the winter

Desireable- nature is in all ways desireable….my favorite example is Mark Dion moving the hemlock tree into the city and showing the people that it’s very hard to try replicating what nature does just naturally on its own

I align myself most with Wendy Tremayne from the readings so far because she sees an overall problem and acts in a unique way to try solving it; much like I could see myself doing.  I also find Wendy to fit best with our definition of sustainable so far mainly because she seems to be the artist who is sustaining items by encouraging this “swap” of unneeded/unwanted clothing, small items, gifts, ect. and using those items to add to the people’s contribution.  Her Swap-O-Rama-Rama is completely free, and the people are supplied with all materials to sew, knit, fix, repair, etc.  All the clothing and little items are in a way being recycled…not just destroyed or thrown into the dumpster.

As for Chris Jordan, I love his artwork!  It’s so inspiring to see how someone can put together form and content in such creative ways in order to bring awareness to different issues/concerns.  I found myself literally saying “wow” as I was zooming in and out of each of his pictures, and the little things such as using barbie dolls to depict an image for the number of breast augmentations is just so fascinating…..those are the things I wish I could think of on my own!


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  1. sjnphil09 Said:

    I totally agree with you, when it comes to Wendy…I think what she is doing is great. I wonder if she started a trend?

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