Artist Review- Wim Delvoye

Hello all!  Okay, so I chose to research Wim Delvoye for my artist review this week.  I know he seems slightly odd with his Cloaca invention, but I find his uniqueness quite interesting.  According to Wikipedia, Delvoye’s work focuses “on the body” which is pretty evident from our short reading on him in Environmentalities.  I’m amazed by the fact that someone could think of such an invention.  I mean, how many people would actually want to recreate feces?  If you actually go to Wim Delvoye’s website, it is also of interest.  Although I found myself a little confused trying to maze through it at first, I came to the conclusion that it fits him perfectly.  To me, he is a very unique, mysterious person, and I think his website represents him well. 

So, what’s the deal with this Cloaca machine he has going on, anyways?  Essentially, he has come up with the idea to create a machine which perfectly immitates human digestion. Is it different? Yes, but it is also fascinating.  While browsing his site I also found that he does “gothic” style artwork…almost all of which actually include human skeletons, bones, and what look like internal organs (referring back to his focus on the body).  Click hereto view some of this syle artwork.  Also included are numerous types of x-rays, which I believe he is fascinated by. 

Full Citations:


Quality of creative process: 5

Sustainable aspects achieved: 4

Impact to social change: 3

My interest in the work: 5

In case anyone else was wondering what the man behind the art looked like…here he is!  With what appears to be a tattooed pig…



  1. chelseaberry Said:

    Wim Delvoye seems like a very smart and interesting artist. I like how he focuses his ideas around the human body and how it functions for the body is so complex and has so much going on just within a second. I definitely think Delvoye is creative and unique with his artwork. Once I saw the picture of the pig with the tattoos I knew I needed to research more about him. Not only did I find it interesting that he puts many different designs on pigs, I also learned that he actually has his own pig farm even though he is a vegetarian. I think this would be very fascinating to see in person and especially watch the process of tattooing pigs.

  2. gotgestalt Said:

    Delvoye has such a variety to his work. I am especially intrigued by the Gothic Works, such as the Dump Truck realized in a High Gothic style. His work in some ways reminds me of another artist, by the name of Angelo Filomeno who engages in ornamental work with dark and morbid themes as the underlying content. You might check out his work as well.

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