Day 3- The 11th Hour & Post-Archetype Assignment

The 11th Hour:

The 11th Hour was a new film to me.  I had never heard of it or anything, but it was definitely touching.  The main focus out of it was our impacts on earth and how we are affecting global warming.  It is crazy to think how much human beings do actually destruct our own environment.  I think that art connects with this by people such as architects coming together to try to create new ways of constructing buildings so that there is little or no destruction being done.  The film showed one particular architect who was discussing his ideas, and it’s interesting to think if those ideas can/will ever be brought together.

Post Archetype Assingment:

One item on my daily list was brushing my teeth.  I don’t know how many other people fall into this category, but I am bad about keeping the water running as I’m brushing my teeth.  Now, I know what you’re thinking….what a waste of water, and it really is!  Maybe getting in the habbit of turning the water off while I’m brushing should be part of my new year’s resolution this year.  Keeping the water running is not only wasted water, but it is also water that could be going towards something more usefeul, such as a purifier in order to have water to drink.  I think this is something I will definitely work towards, along with taking shorter showers.


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