Artist Review- Richard Long

Hello everyone!  This week for my artist review I wanted to find someone similar to Andy Goldsworthy because I loved watching the documentary on him and seeing his art.  So, I came across a man by the name of Richard Long, who was born in Bristol, England.  Looking through Richard’s artwork, I see many similarities to Goldsworthy’s work as far as the shape of his structures–he too is inspired by circles and the idea of making things “flow.”  The following is a quote I found on Wikipedia regarding Long’s perspective on circles: 

“I think circles have belonged in some way or other to all people at all times. They are universal and timeless, like the image of a human hand. For me, that is part of their emotional power, although there is nothing symbolic or mystical in my work.” 

Another way in which Long’s work reminds me of Goldsworthy’s is that he uses many natural materials, and not necessarily all of his scultpors are built to last.  While doing some research I found it interesting to find that Long is the only artists to be nominated for the Turner Prize, which is a prize presented to a British visual artist under the age of 50, four times.  He ended up winning the prize in 1989, and surprisingly is said to have refused the prize in 1984.    In a sense different from Goldsworthy, I find Richard Long interesting because he is sort of known for taking these epic walks from which his sculptors are created.  On his website there is a tab labeled “Textworks” in which I believe each of his walks are documented, and it appears he has done this in numerous areas of the world.  For those interested, check out his website or even look under google images to see his artworks.  They’re pretty amazing!

The following are a few examples of Richard Long’s work:





Quality of creative process: 5

Sustainable aspects achieved: 5

Impact to social change: 4

Personal interest: 5


Richard Long Official Website.  Steve Jackson.  13 January 2011.

Wikipedia.  Richard Long (Artist).  13 January 2011.


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  1. shelbysee Said:

    Long is pretty incredible! I really like his work! I really like how artist are coming around to doing more natural work with organic shapes and materials, rather than constructing an installation piece for one gallery. I think doing this kind of work, something on a large scale, is affect more people.

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