Day 5- Eco-Artist Role Scenerios

Hello all!  So, today in class each of our groups were given a specific scenerio to work towards creating a solution for.  Below was my group’s scenerio:

Scenario 5: Air Quality, Urban Sprawl/Traffic Congestion
Location: Atlanta, GA

Problem:  In the city of Atlanta, Georgia in the 1990s, population grew by 13% and land development increased by over 50%.  Today, Atlanta’s growth rate is at 38.9%.  This rapid and continued growth has contributed to air pollution from traffic congestion in which Atlanta is 6th in metropolitan city ozone pollution.   This air quality has contributed to an increase of 37% of hospital admissions for respiratory distress (with asthmatic problems in children increasing by 1/3).  What would a sustainist, restorationist and an eco-feminist create as an artistic solution to this problem?

Each of us took part in a different character.  I was the restorationist, Emily was the sustainist, and Sara played the eco-feminist.  Together we came up with an idea to sort of clear out an area in Atlanta, such as a suburb area, and to build fully sustainable living spaces to accomodate single families, or possibly even single adults.  By doing this, we could create living spaces that are more community-based, and hopefully in a way reduce the pollution caused from cars.  As the restorationist, my main goal was to get things back to the way they used to be (before street ways and buildings took over) and to create more green space.  So, my idea would be to have more gardens within some of the areas that had been cleared for the fully sustainable living spaces, have rooftop gardens on top of the fully sustainable buildings, and also plant trees and different greeneries along sidewalks going to and from different sustainable buildings.  As the eco-feminist, Sara’s main concern was within the children, which the scenerio shows are having asthmatic problems due to the air quality.  So, by providing the previous suggestions from the sustainist and the restorationist, the eco-feminist is fully satisfied by the fact that air pollution may be reduced, and less and less children’s health will be in harm’s way.  The eco-feminist’ view is sort of from a mother’s perspective, so she is definitely concerned with the health of the children.  As far as reducing the traffic within Atlanta, we thought we could put more emphasis towards MARTA, which is one of the main public transit’s running through Atlanta.  In order to put more emphasis on that, we had the idea that celebrities who live or are from Atlanta might help promote the idea of using a public transit more often than driving everywhere, and since people tend to really look after their favorite artists, whether they realize it or not, we hope they might pick up on the trend.

Which role would I consider myself to fall under?  I can actually see myself as the eco-feminist.  As far as a personal perspective that the world views women to be the “stay-at-home” type, I don’t consider myself to be that person, but I would certainly have the qualities from a “mother’s perspective” as far as caring for children’s health.  I LOVE kids, and although health is essential to all beings, I find it crucial to the younger generations as they are growing up in a more treacherous habitats.


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