Artist Review- Angelo Filomeno

Hello all!  Well, this is the final artist review for J-Term.  I can’t believe how fast these 3 weeks have flown by!  Anyways, this week for my artist review I decided to look into Angelo Filomeno, who Adrienne actually suggested I may like after reviewing Wim Delvoye.  According to the Gering and Lopez Gallery website, Angelo Filomeno was born in Ostuni, Italy in 1963, and lives and works within New York City.  The New York Times says that the subject of Filomeno’s artwork is “life-and-death images,” which is apparently inspired by the loss of both of his parents at an early age.  After reviewing his work, a lot of it seems to consist of skulls and insects, which I find pretty interesting.  I also find it interesting that Filomeno has a focus in sewing and embroidering.  Not that that is odd or anything, but it’s pretty amazing some of the pieces he can put together.  The following is a picture of an embroidery on silk shaunting stretched over linen done by Angelo Filomeno and is placed in the Galerie Lelong in New York:


He has some very beautiful, interesting artwork that I would recommend looking at on google.  In the mean time, here are a few images that particularly stuck out to me:



Gering, Sandra; Lopez, Javier.  Angelo Filomeno.  Gering and Lopez Gallery.  Retrieved January 18, 2011 from

Cotter, Holland. (2001. November 23).  Art in Review; Angelo Filomeno.  The New York Times.  Retrieved January 18, 2011 from


Quality of creative process: 5

Sustainable aspects achieved: 5

Impact to social change: 4

Personal interest: 5


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  1. chelseaberry Said:

    jeannie, I thought this artist you picked was very interesting. I liked how he made his art pieces based on this lifestyle, it made them more personal. I thought his work was very unique, I enjoyed the picture of the butterfly. He seems to have a wide variety of different work.

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